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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we are still seeing remnants from the string of accidents today, three in this area of the oakland hills. if you look behind me, this is just what's left after a woman crashed her car into a power pole when she slipped on hail. she was coming down this incline here off of highway 13 and got some of the slush left over after a hailstorm. the woman says the roads had turned to slush. suddenly her brakes locked up and she couldn't steer. she was forced to plow into a trailer that was parked on the street. that trailer slid with her car on it right into a power pole. and that wasn't the only accident. >> terrifying, terrifying! right when i got out, was getting out of the car, and the other people here -- we heard the crash up there. just crash, crash, crash! >> reporter: now, that crash, crash, crash sound she heard was actually a chain reaction pile-up happening just yards away from her on highway 13.
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at least half dozen cars hit one another at the same time just moments after this first crash happened. the woman in that car that slid went across the southbound lanes and the other cars all collided trying to avoid her. >> this slow motion, all i can just see is cars. i heard screaming. there was a lot of screaming in the back. i was just scared. i was hoping it didn't crack and we go over. it was really scary. >> there was also a third accident in this area, very minor. >> reporter: no people in any of these accidents were seriously hurt. but that wasn't the only trouble spot around town. reporter anne makovec has been chasing some of those other trouble spots because of this weather and we'll toss it over to her at the bay bridge toll plaza. anne. >> reporter: yeah, a real mix of weather this morning, christin. here at the bay bridge, they had some wind advisories out earlier this morning as they did on all of the local bridges. but right now, it's nothing but sunshine. of course, still a little breezy but it's just been a
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mixed back. check it out. -- it's just been a mixed bag. check it out. pop-up hailstorms in several bay area locales today. here's one this morning in the oakland hills covering the streets in winter white. >> what a mess. >> reporter: this was the picture at nearby skyline and evergreen where a tree came down on the road. >> i thought i'd be taking a different route to my office this morning. >> reporter: it was a morning of sun, clouds, hail and rain. and with winds reaching over 60 miles per hour in some spots this sign for the northbound 280 split from highway 101 was left dangling. a bracket was knocked loose just after midnight. a piece of metal went through the windshield of a truck hitting a driver in the face. >> broken jaw, fractures, cuts, severely injured. >> reporter: the chp closed the ramp until the sign was secured. the great highway in san francisco was closed down as well this morning flooding from
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high tide and heavy rain making it impassable near lincoln and sloat and detours around doyle drive near the golden gate bridge. chopper 5 took this video of a flooded roadway, the drainage made difficult by the ongoing construction work. >> we usually lose at least one tree in the neighborhood during a storm like that especially near the end of the rain season. >> makes me look at these trees across the street thinking that maybe it's -- something should be done about those. >> reporter: yeah, because we do have several more weeks left of rainy weather. and even though it's sunny now, i know lawrence is going to tell us there is still the chance for more showers. so back to you in the studio. >> thank you, anne makovec. and yeah, anne had her umbrella early this morning when things were a mess but looks like we are getting a bit of a break right now. >> we're loving that. meterologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm's progress in the cbs 5 weather center. so lawrence, my guess is, we're not done yet, right? >> no, as a matter of fact, that's the neat thing about today. the front has gone on by. but we have this cold, unstable air behind it and this is where
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we see the sunshine and then here come those showers and the hailstorms. let's look at the doppler radar and you can see right now, yeah, we have some breaks in between the storms but don't tell folks like that down toward redwood city. they have a pretty good cell that's headed in their direction. they are seeing some strong storms moving in that area and again, some of these cells could produce some lightning strikes. and some of the hail that could be a possibility as we head in toward the afternoon as it looks like the air is going to continue to be unstable and cold. we have reports of snow across parts of the local mountains. and we have another band of moisture moving in along the peninsula going to be like that all day long. and more to come. we'll add to impressive rain totals already. back to you. >> thank you. i thought i left this all behind the boston, come on. hey, at last check more than 2,000 people are still without power now after the storm knocked out electricity. san francisco hard hit, about 800 people without power. on the peninsula in the east
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bay there are reports of 1,000 outages and 100 in the south bay. remember, you can get the latest on where the storm is on our website, we have realtime hi-def doppler radar for your hometown. just go to our weather page on in other news, hundreds of teachers and staff in oakland may be without a job next year and layoffs could be announced next month. the superintendent posted a letter on the school district website warning about significant layoffs. he also says principals and some other managers could be reassigned to new positions in the fall. >> it's pretty much a disaster. we're heading for a pretty chaotic time in our district as -- and all the schools in california. so our superintendent shared not only what's happening to in us oakland but what's happening across the board in the whole state. >> the deadline to warn teachers about the possible layoffs is march 15. san jose is warning of
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massive layoffs, as well. the numbers almost unthinkable in fact. they may have to lay off 349 police officers and 145 firefighters, according to the "mercury news," in the worst- case scenario. a quarter of the public safety employees could also be cut. san jose has a projected deficit of $110 million. the final decision probably will not be made until june. san francisco police investigating one of their own. the commander accused of helping fellow officers cheat. >> and a bay area funeral home accused of ripping off families for years. what cbs 5 uncovered when we come back. i knew that it had to end. i knew it had been a long time. >> a bizarre story of deceit. why one woman let a bay area family think their teenaged daughter was missing when she knew where the girl was the whole time. ,, ,,,,
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commander is the target of an investigation. welcome back, everyone. accusations of cheating at the san francisco police department. and now a commander is the target of an investigation. according to the "san francisco examiner," that complaint was filed against commander david lazar. it alleges that he tutored officers for a promotional exam that he helped develop and grade. a public hearing on the matter is scheduled for next friday. two funeral home operators have been charged with robbing families who have lost their loved ones. yesterday the san francisco district attorney announced 23 felony counts against derek washington and donald rollins. cbs 5 first uncovered complaints about funerals by washington more than two year. one woman said she paid $4,000 in advance for her mother's
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funeral. another family gave washington $5,000 for the burial but he never paid the cemetery. >> you're taking advantage of some of our most vulnerable people in society, putting a whole family not only through the very difficult time of grieving the death but now having to find funding. >> those two men now face charges for grand theft and selling pre-need funeral contracts contracts without putting the money in a trust. a concord woman is now saying why she hid a girl. stephanie cudd disappeared around thanksgiving. the girl's father hired a private detective who eventually tracked the girl down at the home of eva nichols. nichols says she accused her father of abuse and neglect. >> it seems crazy to me.
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it seem, uhm, absurd. i did yell at stuart and stephanie. they cut school for a week. >> i believed that she was in danger. i believed that i was protecting her at the time. >> that teen was returned to her family. nick cost has not been arrested -- nichols has not been arrested but could be charged with providing false information. bernie madoff's first prison interview what he says the banks really knew. >> some people never noticed the surprise charges cell phone customers are being hit with and what you should look out for. >> plenty of rain, gusty winds around the bay area and take a look at the sierra nevada. wow, it's really coming down up there! how much more we can expect, we'll talk about that coming up next. ,, 3q
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more snow. lots of it. a li so while we got all the rain in the sierra they are getting lots of snow. we have a live look at the conditions right now. the snow still coming down in the sierra. skiers loving it. but as nick janes shows us, driving is treacherous, to say the least. >> reporter: cars spinning out, big rigs jack knifing, even a chain installer injured in a crash. we have seen a bit of everything, a far cry from the calm conditions here 24 hours ago. what a difference a day makes. here's blue canyon yesterday with very little snow on the ground and here's how it looks
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today. pummeled with fresh powder. another foot could fall here by tomorrow, several feet possible for the ski resorts. despite an army of plows making the rounds, interstate 80 is snow-covered and slick, wind is gusting more than 40 miles an hour, blowing snow all over the place. at times, creating near white- out conditions. caltrans stopped traffic after a big rig lost its chains just east of baxter spinning out and blocking i-80. a chain installer was hit near over land trail on eastbound 80. the crash resulted in major injuries. can't blame you if you would want to wait it out but if you're curious to look like what it's like to drive through it we had our flip cam out on the drive tomorrow. it's our first person perspective. before daybreak snow flying at our windshield severely limiting visibility to the point we didn't see the exit sign for blue canyon. once we got back here, we got stuck in a snow drift. we brought a shovel or we would be making camp here for the
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night. it has been several weeks since we have had a sierra storm like this. and mother nature is paying us back big time. >> nick janes getting his exercise right there. >> a little reporter involvement. >> nick janes reporting from blue canyon. >> we are not done with this yet either. that's wave number one. we have much more coming as well, lawrence? >> yeah. we have a series of storms. this one we are getting on the back of the front now but we have more scattered showers and cold air overhead. folks, this is what we can see. reports of hail portola valley and all around the bay area, we have reports of hail in san jose into oakland. cold air moving -- cold air moving overhead with the possibility of thunderstorms. snowflakes and pulling on the roads and some slight flooding so be careful this afternoon. it may look good. you may see sunshine for just a minute and all of a sudden it's raining and threat of
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lightning. just picked up a lightning strike in the north bay. we continue to see scattered showers around the bay area and that's the going to be the case as it looks like the system is going to continue to blow through for today. and then another one starts to slide in for tomorrow. here's your system right here beginning to make its way in through fremont in toward milpitas. down further to the south and towards san jose, more scattered showers continuing in parts of the east bay as well as the system drags in this direction. watch out, livermore, you have showers coming your way in the next couple of minutes. further north we have a bit of a break but then we have had a stronger cell begin to move in along the coast now and this is the one where we just had a lightning strike. -- there it is, more coming throughout the afternoon. showers continue tonight, snowfall down to about 3,000 feet. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. cold front sliding on through here piling up in the sierra nevada bringing them lots of snow. we're left with showers and brief downpours. but don't be fooled by the sunny breaks in between. and, of course, along with the chance of lightning, well, we
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have the potential for some gusty winds, too. highs today a far cry from last week when we had 60s and 70s. highs only in the low to mid- 50s in the warmest spots. i think as we look out over the next couple of days, more rain is on the way. another system is moving in tomorrow especially tomorrow afternoon and night keeping things unsettled, wet into friday. it looks like as we head into saturday, chance of showers in the morning. i know there's the chinese new year's parade in san francisco by saturday night. i think it will be dry by then staying dry but partly cloudy into sunday. come monday and tuesday, another storm rolls back into the bay area. so yeah, the storm door is open once again. we could use it. rain totals running a little below normal for this time of year but we still have more to come. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> we had a beautiful couple of weeks, though. we totally understand. thanks, lawrence. a con man confession from behind bars. bernie madoff is breaking his silence. in an interview with the "new york times," his first since his arrest two years ago, the
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former ponzi king takes a shot at wall street. he says banks and hedge funds, quote, had to know about his scheme long before it collapsed. he also insists he acted alone, that his friends, family and clients were completely in the dark. he is serving a 150-year sentence for bilking investors out of $65 billion. so maybe it's happened to you a surprise charge you find on your phone bill. well it could be a case of cramming. on the consumerwatch, this morning, julie watts with some good news about those sneaky fees. >> reporter: every time dan franklin opens an at&t bill he gets a knot in his stomach. >> because i know there's going to be that charge on there. >> reporter: $4.95 from a company called usbi. it first popped up on his phone bill three years ago and now it shows up like clockwork. >> they say it's for a long distance service. >> reporter: a service he says he never ordered. so every month, he calls at&t and usbi and every month, the charges are reversed and he is
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told they will stop. but they never do. >> every time i go to get my phone bill, there is the that additional charge from usbi. >> reporter: well, after years of frustration dan finally called consumerwatch and we found there's been an uptick in cramming complaints over the last year. cramming is when a third party company adds a charge to your bill that you didn't order. at&t simply collects the money for them. well, now after years of complaints, at&t tells us they finally instituted a new policy that could put an end to cramming charges like dan's once and for all. >> so if a customer calls us now, we can put a third party block on that account and that no third party charges will go into effect. >> reporter: john briton with at&t says in the past, if customers complained, their charges were dropped. but in many cases, like dan's, they would reappear month after month. now with the new policy, all dan has to do is ask for a third
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party block which will permanently prevent other companies from cramming his at&t bill with rogue charges. >> i'm just looking to the day that i can get my at&t bill without being slammed by usbi. >> that was julie watts reporting. at&t is reimbursing him for all the usbi charges. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. log on to and click on "connect." call our hotline at 1-888-5- helps-u. we have volunteers standing by right now to take your calls. we'll be right back. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight at five: an airport employee caught using customer' credit card numbers. how much the concord woman spent... plus: we're keeping a close eye on the weather... at five. it's a big win for man s best friend.. " in show is the on this crazy weather. coming up at 5:00. >> we are. hey, it's a big win for man's best friend. >> best in show is the deerhound! [ applause and cheers ] >> that is hickory. she took home best in show at this year's westminster dog show. >> and it's the first time a scottish deerhound has won. not the most attractive dog in the world. >> terriers have won a lot. but this time that big scottish deerhound. >> i don't know if there will be a big rush for those dogs. maybe big in scotland, not necessarily the bay area. >> see you back here at 5:00. you can always find the latest
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news and weather, important now, online at enjoy your wednesday, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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on the forresters. you may have even been successful. but now you're in the big leagues. you are dealing with me, and you are in way over your head. >> hope: hey, dad, i need help with this tagline for the spring p.r. campaign. i've got something, but it's--it's not working. i mean, do you have any suggestions? >> steffy: how about "hope for the future-- beyond the mall"? oh, snap. look who's back. >> hope: so i see. >> steffy: what? you're not happy to see me? >> hope: (sighs) >> steffy: that really, really hurts, hope. >> hope: it's not that, steffy. i just, um, i didn't expect to see you back so soon. >> steffy: oh, girl, i've been gone for months. >> hope: really? wow, time flies. >> steffy: actually, you're lucky. i was gonna come home sooner, but i decided to stay in paris and help marcus get settled in. he is doing great. he fits in perfectly at international. >> hope: good. good.


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